Help us Build...

our crowdfunding campaign is seeking investment to create the Selkirk Distillery, the new site for Reiver's and Bannock Gin.  


Our vision is to have Selkirk and the Scottish Borders synonymous with other prestigious spirits and distilleries around the country. 

With the huge success within the Borders of our first two gins, we see that there is considerable potential for expansion of the business not only locally but also nationally.  We also believe the Scottish Borders is the ideal location for a craft distillery due to its abundance of naturally sourced botanicals. Producing our gin within our own distillery will be our first step towards developing our business and Selkirk‚Äôs standing within this environment.

Thus, the creation of the Selkirk Distillery will not only promote business and employment opportunities but also showcase the Scottish Borders as an even more desirable destination for visitors. 

We propose to raise enough funds to enable the renovation of The Old Joinery, Philiphaugh Estate and the installation of the all-important copper pot stills. The development of future craft spirits will give us the potential to create a legacy for the community.