Gincanna ABV 40%

Gincanna ABV 40%

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Gincanna is one of our speciality gins made in collaboration with our friends at Ev8 Life. Ev8 Life are quality producers of CBD edibles who worked with us to create a gin using organically grown hemp as one of the main botanicals.

There’s no denying the smell of hemp is predominant with this gin. It goes especially well with any mint based cocktails. Try it with some muddled mint to bring out the earthy tones and we’d suggest a salty, lemony tonic.

Gincanna is infused with organically grown hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) which comes from the Felina 32 strain. Our Hemp is high quality European Hemp, grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals. There are no traces of THC in this product therefore it won’t get you high…

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